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Our experience working with architects, general contractors, building management groups, and glazing companies mean that we understand the process from beginning to end.

Therefore, we design with organization top of mind, whether installing on-site or applying at production facilities before site delivery. Feather Friendly® has a wide variety of mitigation options available with endless capabilities for patterns and finishes.

The Issue

Since 1970, there are 3 billion fewer birds worldwide. The second leading human-related cause of this loss is a result of reflective and transparent glass collisions. North America alone loses an estimated 1 billion birds are lost due to this serious conservation issue every year. This is because birds do not perceive glass and often mistake it for surrounding habitat reflected on the exterior window surface or attempt to fly through glass barriers to reach habitat that can be seen on the other side.

The Solution

With nearly two-thirds of North American birds at risk of extinction, now more than ever, we have a responsibility to protect our feathered friends. Feather Friendly® Bird Collision Deterrent Technologies are a simple solution that make a significant mark in bird conservation.

We are a trusted choice for preventing bird collisions. Our markers are highly effective in making glass visible to birds without compromising a building’s aesthetics or views inside and out. Unlike film coverings, Feather Friendly® markers cover only about 8% of the total glass area, minimizing the visual impact while maximizing the durability and longevity of your treatment.

Since 2006 we have installed over 7M sq ft of product worldwide with a durability and longevity of 15+ years. Our products are tested and approved by the American Bird Conservancy and Dr. Daniel Klem Jr., and supported by the National Audubon Society, FLAP Canada and many other groups and organizations.

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