CSA Bird-Friendly Building Design Standard

As part of our ongoing commitment to education, Feather Friendly® has sponsored free unlimited access to CSA’s (Canadian Standards Association) Bird-Friendly Building Design Standard. This standard was developed through a collaboration
with many groups concerned with bird safety; ornithologists, architects, conservation authorities, glass manufacturers, and industry advocates.

By communicating bird-friendly design requirements for glazing, building-integrated structures, and overall building and site design, the Standard provides a valuable resource for establishing industry wide tested and proven
measures to reduce bird deaths.

Feather Friendly® began in 2006, by developing bird collision technology and
by assisting FLAP Canada, City of Toronto and, more recently, CSA in developing these guidelines and solutions.

With the increased use of glass in architecture, guidelines and building
codes are being established to make glass bird-safe. To support this, many building owners and occupants are doing their part to save birds by using Feather Friendly® solutions to make glass more visible to birds.

Access a ‘free view’ of the CSA Bird-Friendly Building Design Standard,
courtesy of Feather Friendly®. Registration with a valid email address is required to access the read only document.

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