Feather Friendly® Warranty Statement

Feather Friendly® Bird Collision Deterrent Markers follow a set of independent and scientifically developed metrics for preventing collisions. By adhering to these mitigation components, our markers effectively reduce strikes by alerting birds to the glass. Feather Friendly® has developed a high-quality proprietary material engineered for durability and longevity.

The Feather Friendly® Basic Product Warranty guarantees that all Feather Friendly® products are free from physical damage and visual and adhesive defects that are detrimental
to its functionality.

Feather Friendly® Large-scale Pro markers are warrantied for a period of six (6) years based on warranty details here.

Feather Friendly® Medium-scale Pro DIY markers
are warrantied for a period of four (4) years based
on warranty details here.

Product Care & Maintenance

Feather Friendly® is designed to withstand regular window washings for many years. After the initial installation, allow the adhesive to set for 30 days before cleaning. Use a soft squeegee or cloth, regular soap and water to clean. We advise against using harsh or abrasive
chemicals, power washers, or heavy scrubbing.
For Warranty inquiries or to submit a claim for our Large-scale Pro, Medium-scale Pro DIY, or for our other solution options, please contact us today!
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Feather Friendly® does NOT increase the risk of Thermal Breakage
Understanding Thermal Glass Breakage

Thermal breakage or thermal fracturing is
the “cracking” of glass caused by uneven
heat absorption. It occurs when temperature differences create stress in the glass where hot and cold spots meet. Thermal breakage happens most often when there is an existing defect, such as a chip or uneven cut along
the edge.

Some materials—such as window films—installed on the glass lead to increased heat absorption, and the resulting heat build-up can crack the glass. Thermal breakage almost always occurs on the internal glass pane, and where there is a defect on the edge of
the glass. However, thermal breakage can
also occur on exterior panes, if the whole surface is covered with a dark, heat absorbing material or if there is a dark decal covering
a large portion of the surface of the pane.

Feather Friendly® is not a full-film application. Rather, only the individual markers remain on the outside surface, covering only 6% to 8% of the glass. Therefore, any additional heat absorption due to the markers is negligible, meaning that Feather Friendly® does NOT increase the risk of thermal breakage. In nearly two decades of commercial and residential installations, there has never been a documented case of Feather Friendly® markers causing thermal breakage.

Additionally, Feather Friendly® applications will not damage glass surfaces or exterior glass coatings, such as Solar Reflective, Low-E, or other types of glass treatments. Feather Friendly® should not void your window manufacturer’s warranty.

The Feather Friendly® Guarantee

Feather Friendly® Bird Collision Deterrent Markers are designed for a long life with no special maintenance required.

Feather Friendly® is a uniquely formulated proprietary material of the highest quality. The serviceable life expectancy is 15 years+ for the Large-scale Pro, 12 years+ for the Medium-scale Pro DIY, and 8 years+ for the Small-scale DIY, when installed correctly.

Custom solution options, partner solution options, and products available in the Feather Friendly® Plus product line have unique warranty and longevity specifications and are available upon request.

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Disclaimer: In no case shall Feather Friendly® be liable for any direct, indirect, or consequential damages, including any labour or non-Feather Friendly® materials charges.