Medium and Large-scale UV Markers

Bird Divert™

Covers approximately 500sq ft per roll
Photo credit: Bird Divert™

Bird Divert™ is a durable UV dot matrix that is optically clear to the human eye. It is the first optically clear UV absorbing/reflective bird mitigation marker that absorbs both UV and visual light up to 420 nanometers.

UV Light Reflection is created using Nano technology with 20 nanometer hollow glass spheres. It mechanically redirects UV light back to its source, while leaving the visual light alone to pass through creating optical clarity.

Photo credit: Bird Divert™
Photo credit: Bird Divert™

Innovative Bird-Safe Solution

Bird Divert™ incorporates proprietary UV technology as an optically clear industry-leading post-applied application to achieve a threat level of 18. The anti-collision markers are patterned and trademarked, Domestically and Internationally, signifying the commitment to quality and innovation.

Bird Divert™ UV technology is optically transparent to the human eye but appears black (absorbing) and violet (reflective) to the avian eye.

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Product Specification

1/4” on the smaller circular markers
3/8” on the larger circular markers
5 years
Durability & Longevity
10+ years

Bird Divert™ Pattern

0.25’’ Absorbing Dots
95% transmission rate (420 NANOMETERS) - 5% dark
50% transmission rate (412 NANOMETERS) - 50% dark
5% transmission rate (405 NANOMETERS) - 95% dark
0.375’’ Absorbing/Reflective Dots
The film is 75% reflective/redirectional light at 180 degress.


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